#1 Reward Points Program

Important Notice
From November 20th, 2021 to the end of the month, we will be working on to upgrade our Loyalty Rewards Program. During this period, The methods for gaining rewards mentioned below, except for points earned from shopping on OnePlaceGifts.com, will remain unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience.


OnePlaceGifts Customer Loyalty Rewards Program is

There are multiple ways for you to earn reward points. For every dollar you spend on OnePlaceGifts.com and for your referring our products and services to your network of people, you earn reward points that can be used to partially or fully pay for your future orders.

To make yourself a OnePlaceGifts Cusotmer Loyalty Rewards Program participant, make sure you choose "Customer" as Account Type when you register.

Industry's Most Generous Rewards Scheme

Amount of reward points granted = your order amount (excluding shipping). e.g., Earn 100 reward points for order amount of US$100, plus

50 reward points for each and every order placed by someone who clicks your referral link, plus

100 reward points for each and every vendor selling plan sign-up through your referral link, plus

5 reward points for a new registered customer through your referral link, plus

5 reward points for a new registered affiliate through your referral link

*Your invitees (who click your referral link) can register as a customer by choosing "Customers" Account Type.
*Your invitees can register as an affiliate by choosing "Affiliates" Account Type.
*Your invitees can change between Two Account Types any time in their "Profile Details".
*The life span of cookie days is 30 days, meaning your invitees just need to click your referral link once and within 30 days of their first clicking your referral link they remain an invitee of yours, and each and every session of their action (e.g., placing an order, becoming a vendor, becoming a customer or becoming an affiliate) by even directly visiting OnePlaceGifts.com from their browser will still enable you, as their referrer, to get reward points.
*Reward points for an order placed with OnePlaceGifts are only granted when the order status becomes "Shipped".
*Reward points for an order placed with OnePlaceGifts are canceled when the order is canceled or refunded.
*Reward points cannot be converted to cash for withdrawl.
*Registered customers and affiliates are all deemed as OnePlaceGifts customers.

How much is one reward point worth in terms of dollar value?

1 reward point is equivalent to US$0.04. So for example, if you have 100 reward points you can use them as US$4 to pay for your future orders on OnePlaceGifts.com

Join Today to Benefit

What's good about OnePlaceGifts Reward Points Program is that it is free to join - you are on it when you register on our website, and the reward points you earned will stay in your account for as long as you remain a OnePlaceGifts.com customer.

To view how many reward points you currently have, log onto your account, click My Account and check in the dropdown menu - My points.

To use your reward points, when you get to the checkout page, enter the amount of reward points you would like to spend on your order for any product selling through OnePlaceGifts.com, then click Apply.

To check the price of a particular product in terms of reward points, see "Price in points" section above "Add to Cart" tab on product details page. For example, Price in points for an Engraved Cigar Cutter showing 250 means you can get this product for free if you have 250 reward points earned from your previous purchases.