Luminous in the Dark Pebble Glow Stones

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If you are looking for some ideas of how to organize your patio or garden, consider paving a little corner of your garden with pebbles - pebble stones that magically glow when the night falls. Our luminous rocks absorb sunlight during the day to glow up to 3-6 hours in the dark. Make sure to bathe these glowing pebble stones under the sun to invigorate them for perfect night glow. Made out of resin safe for any inhabitants on the planet, these decorative pebble stones are not only great for your landscaping project for garden, yard, lawn, patio and porch, but they add to a beautiful touch to vase, planter, fish tank, aquarium and pond, too. Put some creativity into these glow in dark rocks arranging them in formations like a heart, an arrow, a spelt-out LOVE for an awesome centerpiece for your special ocassions

Made from premium non-toxic and non-radioactive resin safe for humans and animals
Size: Each glowing pebble measures approx. 2-3cm
Sold as a pack of approx. 100 glowing pebble rocks from a variety of colors


Love these! The colors look great during the day and at night time they light to way to my patio. I sprinkled them along the pathway and in the grooves and they gave my yard this bioluminescent mystical feel. They're light weight, easy to hose down if dirty and glow vibrantly. Though 1 pack is enough I'll be ordering a 2nd!
Very sturdy plastic “rocks”, we put them on a cookie sheet outside to soak up the sun, they stayed lit for many hours. Gave a box to a friend with a fish tank and they love them! Nice accent for our plants on the patio. Pretty colors:)
I Bought these Glow Rocks for my Dogs Burial Site. This is what it Looked like after using 1 Pack. I did buy 4 but don't want to put them all out just yet. After his Tombstone is set into place I'll fill the Rest. It's Gorgeous at Night time. So far they've been outside for 2 months and they are still going strong. It really made his Forever Spot Beautiful.
My daughters and I are super happy about these little glow on the dark resin pebbles! They're not too big and not too small about an inch across, little over half an inch wide, just right for our crafting projects. After only a few hours sitting on a window ledge, they were very bright as the sun went down. They still had a faint glow in the morning as well, I wasn't expecting for them to continue holding their glow that long with how shortly we had been charging them (only about 4 hours total). Can't wait to add some to our fairy gardens. With 200 ordered, we have enough for several arts and crafts projects. I love that the packages came with both blue and green pebbles, seems about evenly split between the 2 colors, I'm not going to count them though!
Love these stones. I put them under my light for 30 minutes and they glowed all evening long. They hold the light really well, There are more than I thought there would be and they are larger than I thought. I'm going to put some in my terrarium and outline the front of my small patio. I think I will buy another set for my neighbor. She always has a beautiful flower rock garden and these will be gorgeous among her rocks. She gets a lot of sun too, so they will be it up all night.
Questi funzioneranno alla grande nel giardino delle fate all'aperto che stiamo facendo. Li consiglierei. Sono molto leggeri e mi piace che ho comprato il colore che mi è piaciuto di più. Sono blu e verdi nella luce.
These are so fun. I have a tiny balcony and they are in a few potted plants and 1 candle. My kids love them and spend more time outside.
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