Retro Magnetic Kitchen Timer

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This kitchen timer is super strong with a built-in magnet. Made of steel and measures 7.3cm diameter and 3.6cm high. The timers have a maximum of 60 minutes. To use simply turn clockwise all the way past 55 and then set the time. The timer features easy to read numbers with individual minute markings. Available in 2 colors.


  • Unisex
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Reasons our editors thought this product is worth recommendation

Product highlight #1:
-- Magnetic "retro" look kitchen 60 minute timer in Red
Product highlight #2:
-- Timer is constructed of high-quality steel for durability with built-in magnet
Product highlight #3:
-- Easy to read numbers with individual minute markings
Product highlight #4:
-- To use, turn clockwise past 60 and then set the time


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