10 Pack Personalized Multi Use Ballpoint Pens and Refills with Scale Ruler, Spirit Level, Mini Screwdriver, Stylus for iPhone X and Touchscreen Devices

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Package includes 10 Custom Personalized Multifunctional Ballpoint Pens and 10 Complimentary Pen Refills so you won't need to take the trouble looking for refills when ink runs out.

These practical multi use pens from OnePlace Gifts are offered at an unbeatable price with a good number of functions: pen stylus combo for touchscreen devices, scale ruler in both inches and centimeters, spirit level, mini screwdriver as well as a handy pen clip for easy carry.

Each comes with a white sheer pouch making gifting a breeze.

A nice gift perfect for businesses, office, schools, boss, coworkers, doctors, nurses, engineers, technicians...


  • Custom engraved personalized gift
  • Unisex
  • Thank you gifts
  • Multi-color
Material & Embellishment:
  • Aluminum metal
  • Plastic
Gift pouch

Reasons our editors thought this product is worth recommendation

Product highlight #1:
-- Just one of a kind: 10 ballpoint pens Custom Engraved Free.
Product highlight #2:
-- You will never run out on ink: comes with 10 Refills.
Product highlight #3:
-- Multifunctional: pens with stylus, scale ruler, spirit level, screwdriver and a pen clip.
Product highlight #4:
-- Gifting made a breeze: each sits in a white drawstring sheer pouch.
Product highlight #5:
-- Unbeatable price you won't find anywhere else: offer includes quality multi use pens plus expert laser engraving, pen refills and nice gift pouch.


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