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Are you looking for decorative metal buckets at an affordable price? Do you want premium quality metal buckets for your wedding, gardening, kitchen or some party?

End your hunt here, because you have found what you were looking for.


Apart from adding these large buckets to hold treats and wrapped candies, our buckets have the perfect diameter that allows you to carry out your gardening activities such as planting various flowers, fruits or vegetables. Because of the lightweight buckets and their ability to be easily shifted according to the sunlight, these make an amazing option for you to carry out your respective activities. Other than that, you can put your kid's toys in our buckets; use them for holding water and as decorative items in any party of your choice. They can be easily painted according to the theme of your party and voila! You have beautifully decorated buckets!

Size: Large - 15.3cm upper by 11.9cm bottom by 9cm H
Unit of measure: 1 count

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