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These one-of-a-kind Spring Fairy Purse Hooks keep your bag from the floor and theft by hanging it right next to you on the table. These durable folding purse hooks not only give you a peace of mind, but also make fabulous adornment for your handbag and purses. Features metal body in great color palettes with beautiful motif of butterflies, leaves and flowers. Makes a great gift for mom, grandma, sisters, daughter and friends for birthdays, spring weddings, family reunion, friends meetup...
Measurements: 4.5cm dia.
Gift boxed
Available in pink, blue, and red



Arrived quickly. Love this hook which I put it in my handbag and use it when eating out. Highly recommend.
Brilliant for keeping bag off the floor or table but close at hand. This second I've bought. I have one as a gift and they were overjoyed! I like that it has a click in for the end of the outside loop so it doesn't undo in your bag at random!
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