Elegant Satin Wedding Ring Pillow

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8" White Satin Ring Pillow. This white satin ring pillow measures 8" and is adorned with a charming floral pattern. A white satin bow in the middle of the pillow's front side. White tassels are at all four corners of the pillow. Available in navy and gray silver.


  • Silver
  • White
  • Grey

Reasons our editors thought this product is worth recommendation

Product highlight #1:
-- elegance is a timeless design with white satin fabric
Product highlight #2:
-- A charming floral motif and matching tassel
Product highlight #3:
-- Measures 8"
Product highlight #4:
-- Fashionable and trendy wedding accessory


much smaller than I expected (I didn't really pay attention to the size when I ordered it so that's on me) but still perfect.
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