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I ordered pens for my business and they all came as silver I sent the seller a message because I thought they were going to be multi color pens. The seller (Infinity Times) apologized but not only that the seller sent me the multi color pens I wanted and let me keep the silver ones as well. I will definitely buy from the seller again. I believe this is one you can trust!!!
We absolutely love the engraved fleur de lis cheese spreaders we ordered and would may be interested in ordering another (140) for wedding favors. Do you offer a price break for this quantity?

Thank you!
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Thank you Lynn!!
You have made my experience with dealing with your company amazing!! You are one of the companies who have excellent customer services with your prompt response and care.

Have an amazing one.

I just received my personalized filigree keepsake box!! I was so pleased with it I had to let you guys know!! Thanks so much! Joe
I ordered these pens for myself when I started my new job. First of all, they arrived quicker than I had expected. Secondly, they are beautiful and write nice (coming from a lefty). These pens are not cheaply made; the point does not obnoxiously roll back in the barrel as you write, forcing you to twist it back out (I had feared this). The inscription (my customization) is proportionate and centered. And last, but certainly not least, this company (person) has remarkable customer service qualities. There was a miscommunication in my order, in reference to the colors I wanted (mixed colors, minus navy blue and purple). I contacted the seller immediately after arrival and they are going to send me extra of the mint, light blue, and fushia colors at no charge (I was offered a partial refund or replacement pens). I even offered to send back the RED, that I originally thought was pink. This company (or owner) knows how to treat their customers. A++++ from me.
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