Handmade Guestbook / Guest Sign In Book / Guest Registry for Wedding, Birthday, Business Visitor Log Book, Vertical Tri-Fold Blank Page X-Large 8.2" x 11.4" (21 x 29cm)

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Our handmade guestbook can be found at weddings, birthday party, baby shower, in boutique shops and on business reception desks across the markets we export to.

Hand crafted with PE Roses, Fabric Roses and Pearls - round and heart, completed with beautiful ribbon bows and off white satin cover, we deliver a vivid depiction of a 3D heart on the cover of these stunning guest sign-in books perfect not only for weddings but also for occassions like business event registry, baby shower guest signage and birthday party guest sign-in.

Our elegant guest books are uncommonly unique not only because of their beautiful emblishments that come with them but also because of their sheer size that provides ample space for guests to write down their thoughts and thanks when they visit or congregate. The tri-folding high glossy inner page in rubber pink is blank and un-lined so that your visiting guests could creatively express themselves without restraint. Up to 400 guest names/addresses/phone numbers can easily be put on our Extra Large vertical formatted guest sign-in books of 8.2" x 11.4" in dimension.

Gift Boxed and Gifting Ready - we guarantee you have got a truely unique memorable keepsake for years to come.

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Product highlight #1:
-- HANDMADE - with stunning 3D roses and pearls and wrapped with off white satin fabric, we hand made these beautiful guest sign in books for weddings and other events including baby shower, birthday party and business visitor registry.
Product highlight #2:
-- RICH DETAIL - from a Valentines Heart made of PE or fabric rose, pearl accent in round or heart shape, to double layered ribbon bows, combination of beautiful colors and smooth flat fabric wrap, OnePlace Gifts ensure these guestbooks are consistently clas
Product highlight #3:
-- UNCOMMONLY LARGE - 8.2" x 11.4" is the size of our guest books and with BLANK TRI FOLDING inner page your guests/visitors can write down just many lines of thoughts and thanks and sentiments o the front and back. Expect a life time keepsake worth treasure
Product highlight #4:
-- QUALITY - inner sheets in vertical format are made of high-gloss paper stock that is smooth and silky for writing. The rubber pink color gives our guest sign in books a gentle, feminine and romantic touch.
Product highlight #5:
-- TOP PRESENTATION - each guestbook is beautifully packaged in a gift box with window top for easy display.
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