Pro Affiliate Cash Rewards

Important Notice
From November 20th, 2021 to the end of the month, we will be working on to upgrade our Affiliate Cash Rewards Program. During this period, The methods for gaining rewards mentioned below, except for points earned from shopping on, will remain unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Considering upgrade from a Customer Affiliate to a Pro Affiliate?

*To become a Pro Affiliate, choose "Affiliate" Account Type when you sign up. We will assign Pro Affiliate to your account usually within 24 hours.

*Enroll as a Pro Affiliate and get commissions in cash for text, product and graphic banners, as well as from multi-tier affiliates and used coupons.

*You can change between "Customer Affiliates" and "Pro Affiliates" Account Types as you wish in "Profile Details".

*While a Customer Affiliate and a Pro Affiliate are both deemed as OnePlaceGifts customers and they get reward points when they shop with, There are differences between them, with the latter being equipped with more marketing tools and resources to benefit a lot more:

1) Customer Affiliates get commissions only in terms of reward points, by shopping on and by spreading the word to promote OnePlaceGifts products and services with their dedicated referral links, where a sale is made, a new customer, a new affiliate, or a new vendor is recruited, as a result of their actions of referring.

2) Pro Affiliates get rewards in cash with our Coupon Program & Multi-Level Affiliate Program.

Empowered with an array of marketing tools and resources on, Pro Affiliates are able to recruit multi-level downline affiliates from whom they get cash rewards under preset conditiions.

These marketing tools and resources Pro Affiliates can use for their marketing and recruiting efforts include but not limited to: Specially-coded referral links, text banners, graphic banners, product banners, and widget that can be embedded onto their own websites, forums or blogs, and coupon codes that can be used to attract their own target audiences.

So, What Exactly Are The Preset Conditions Under Which Pro Affiliates Get Rewarded In Cash?


1) A Pro Affiliate gets 5% cash rewards when someone uses the coupon code the Pro Affiliate gives to him/her. For example, Kathleen placed an order for a personalized wine set priced for $100. She used the Pro Affiliate's coupon code and got 10% off for her order. Kathleen ended paying just $90 for her order. And the Pro Affiliate got $5 (5%) in cash rewards from OnePlaceGifts for Kathleen's purchase.

2) Pro Affiliates (Level 1) can have their own downline Level 2 and Level 3 Pro Affiliates, and earn a share of the commissions granted to their own downline Pro Affiliates.

To clarify how it works, here is an example:

Level 1 Pro Affiliate Andrew invited Sara with specially-coded marketing tools accessible from their administrator area. Sara placed an order on for $100. Andrew earned 10% ($10) commission from the sale.

Sara thought it a good idea to continue shopping with OnePlaceGifts. She chose the "Affiliate" Account Type and signed up as a Pro Affiliate, too. Now Sara became Andrew's downline Level 2 Pro Affiliate. When Sara's marketing effort paid off making her a $50 sale to a friend called Juliana, Sara earned 10% ($5) , and Andrew was granted 5% ($2.5) from Sara's sale.

If Juliana also signed up and became a Pro Affiliate, she became a Level 3 Pro Affiliate under Andrew, and a Level 2 Pro Affiliate under Sara. When Juliana made a $200 sale, Juliana earned 10% ($20), Sara earned 5% ($10), and Andrew earned 3% ($6).

As you can see from this example, Andrew has Sara and Juliana as his Level 2 and Level 3 downlines respectively, Sara has Juliana as her Level 2 downline, and Juliana can have her own Level 2 and Level 3 downlines too should she successfully market her campaigns.

*The life span of cookie days is 30 days, meaning a Pro Affiliate's invitees (an invitee is anyone but a Pro Affiliate) just need to click the Pro Affiliate's specially coded referral marketing materials once and within 30 days of their first clicking the Pro Affiliate's marketing materials they remain an invitee of the Pro Affiliate, and each and every session of their action (i.e., placing an order) by even directly visiting from their browser will still enable the Pro Affiliate to get 10% cash rewards.

*The 30 cookie days life span requirement is irrelevant to those who have opted to become a downline Pro Affiliate of a Pro Affiliate - the relationship will never change and the Pro Affiliate will always get cash rewards rising out of the actions of the downline Pro Affiliate, e.g., the downline Pro Affiliate using coupon to place an order, placing a standard order, making a sale, recruiting a new Pro Affiliates further down the line in the relationship, i.e., Level 3, who places orders on

*Cash rewards for an order placed with OnePlaceGifts are only granted when the order status becomes "Shipped".

*Cash rewards for an order placed with OnePlaceGifts are canceled when the order is canceled or refunded.

The Multi-Level Marketing Program is full of fun, while also providing networking opportunities and unlimited income growth potentials for all who become a Pro Affiliate.

So, join today!