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Keep, secure and display all your jewelry accessories untangled with one beatifully-created jewelry box that often times is more than just a jewelry organizer for your girls. We add meanings to silver-plated jewelry boxes with your personal messages expertly laser engraved on them, making them
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A Love Lock with Working Key sweethearts padlock to a bridge, fence, gate, or similar public fixture to symbolize love. And it is more than just an ornamental lock - it also keeps your personal diaries safe, and even goes well with your small luggage on a trip. Our customers on
Dear Customer, Year 2020 has seen uprecedented restrictions on human movement around the world in an effort to fight the Coronavirus Pandemic still getting rampant and affecting lives of millions. While science has provided strong case that this Covid-19 virus can be contained effectively, it can
Dear Customers, From 19th Jan. to 31th Jan. 2020, China will be celebrating The Spring Festival. OnePlaceGfits sellers, shipping companies, as well as OnePlaceGifts staff members will be on holiday during this time. Please note that during this period there will likely be delays to shipping and
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A picture-perfect Personalized Moon Lamp Light with photo on it!! Fun, Inspiring and Feature Packed: With beautiful details mimicing the moon surface, this moon light lights up and changes colors at a tap on it. Tap and hold for a few seconds to dim the brightness. USB powered. Lasts