Information for Sellers

Selling with OnePlaceGifts

Participation in selling on is exclusively by invitation.

If you are confident that your products can enhance the value for our customers and you aspire to commence selling with us, you may submit your application.

[Independent Vendors Selling Plan - Power Seller]

Vendors are permitted to list a maximum of 1500 products and establish their own mini store on the OnePlaceGifts Marketplace.

A commission of 12% of the total order value is retained, with 7% allocated to OnePlaceGifts and 5% covering PayPal's payment processing fees.

Products uploaded are subject to moderation by OnePlaceGifts editors.

Vendor Payment Process:

  • Product Listing: Vendors can list up to1500 products and create their micro-storefront.
  • OnePlaceGifts API: Connect and enable communication between vendors' own software and OnePlaceGifts.
  • Payout Requests: Vendors have the flexibility to request sales payouts at any time.
  • Payout Timing: Income from sales is typically received within 1-3 business days upon the vendor's payout request.
  • Income Calculation: Expected income from sales is calculated as 88% of the order total, with 12% retained for OnePlaceGifts Marketplace as a commission and for PayPal as payment processing fees.

Getting Started as a Seller:

  • Application Submission: Submit your application for a vendor selling account.
  • Review Process: Once received, our representatives may contact you via the provided email address. Additional information about your business and products may be requested.
  • Approval and Inclusion: A good alignment of your product lines with our online gift retail marketplace increases the likelihood of approval. Upon approval, your products will be included on the OnePlaceGifts marketplace.
  • Commencement of Selling: Once your selling application is approved, you can immediately start selling on our marketplace.

Initiate the listing of your products on by accessing your vendor administrator area Utilize the login credentials provided to you via your vendor email address.

Please be aware that all vendors must possess a PayPal Account before commencing selling and earning revenues on A PayPal Personal Account is acceptable, and a PayPal Business Account is preferred.

Here are the key distinctions between a Personal Account and a Business Account:

  1. With a Personal Account, OnePlaceGifts manually distributes funds to vendors for fulfilled orders. In contrast, a Business Account not only allows for receiving manually-distributed funds but also facilitates automatic fund distribution among vendors without OnePlaceGifts intervening.
  2. A Personal Account does not require a connection with OnePlaceGifts Marketplace, while a Business Account must be connected before a vendor can initiate selling on the Marketplace.
  3. Before the conclusion of 2024, vendors will not be mandated to use a Business Account. OnePlaceGifts Marketplace will only commence automatic funds distribution for vendors after 2024. Vendors will be notified in advance of any changes, enabling those who have been using a Personal Account to receive funds to upgrade to a Business Account.

    Should you have any further inquiries, please feel free to contact us at
    [email protected].

    Familiarize yourself with our guidelines before proceeding to submit your application for a vendor account.
    Vendor Terms & Conditions.